I am a Mistress with many years experience and a fetish scene innovator of many of the treatments and scenes which you will see advocated and advertised here in the UK today. I was the first Mistress in the UK (still practising today) to have a white medical room and practice Medfet procedures. I am also the longest standing Rubber Mistress with the best multi roomed rubber studio in the UK with a vast collection of heavy rubber, latex and authentic gummi klinik attire in ALL sizes. Do take the time to fill out this questionnaire completely, it is an instrument to forge your thoughts and of course, to outline your BDSM and fetish dreams! Safe, sane, consensual play only. Discretion assured.

Please read the text before filling in the questionnaire, below! This is mandatory otherwise your questionnaire may not be received. Should you send this questionnaire through and not receive any form of reply after two days then please resend. It is better this is filled out on a lap top or pc.  valerianclinic

However, if you do not adhere to the mandatory fields your questionnaire will not be received. Take the time to read thoroughly and fill out correctly, this important piece of information. This is not a tick list, it is an in-depth tool for Mistress to find out more about you and your interests, limits, health and fetishistic ideals.

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This should be a full, honest, and frank account of your levels of experience to date and depths of interests. Please be aware that exaggeration of your limits and levels of experience will result in Mistress dismissing you from Chambers, whether before or whilst in session. This is both dangerous and disrespectful to Mistress Annabel. There are three wonderfully fully equipped rooms at London Rubber Studio which Mistress Annabel has built from scratch to take you into a deep state of subspace in London’s Kensington just a few minutes walk from the tube or with plenty of telephone pay to park nearby.

Fees are at the upper end of the scale in line with the quality of experience and the surroundings afforded to you. Typically fees are around £280 per hour, medical disposables and advanced medical breath play will incur an extra fee. Please do not fill in the questionnaire more than three weeks prior to your proposed visit, unless you are willing to pay a sizeable deposit. This may work for those travelling a distance or coming to London for a special event.

Applicants that send through questionnaires without a mobile phone number will be instantly deleted, you will be required to call before I will accept your booking to make sure We are compatible.

You are expected to display proper courtesy and respect in booking and honouring your appointment. Last minute unwarranted cancellations and no-shows will result in you being banned. A missed appointment affects three people: Myself, yourself, and another client who may have wished to attend. Longer appointments will attract a non-refundable deposit.

All appointments must be confirmed on the day at 10am via an unrestricted telephone number.

All applications must contain a mobile phone number (although you will not be contacted via phone), however you will be required to call from that number before Mistress will accept your application.

Overnight sessions start at £1650, you must be known to Mistress and played before to be extended an invitation for an overnight session at London Rubber Studio. All overnight sessions last four to five hours, three hours in the evening and one or two hours of play in the morning. All overnight sessions will finish no later that 10am. 


Mistress Annabel does not entertain email ping pong or negotiations on tribute. Should you send an application through without the correct information, Mistress will know you have not read her website correctly and will delete your application instantly. Only mark the activities that you have experience in and wish to experience again. Any activities or fetishes you would like to try must be shown in the box marked fetishes. All applicants must be spoken to on the telephone to assess their needs and compatibility with Mistress Annabel before any appointment may be granted.  Mistress Annabel is only interested in safe, sane encounters.  There is a zero tolerance to alcohol or drug use. If you are found to be under the influence, you will be asked to leave. Tribute will NOT be refunded.

Please make sure you are comfortable with Mistress Annabel’s fee-structure before applying for a session at London Rubber Studio.

Discretion is assured and expected. Mistress does not discuss your session with anyone, at all.  Your right to a private life in a privilege Mistress Annabel understands. No filming or photographs will take place in session. You pay your tribute for Mistress’s undivided attention, not to be diluted with the constant desire for self promotion seen in other quarters. Mistress Annabel is an experienced and wise judge of limits, acutely attuned to your most fervent fetishistic needs, latex dreams and/or medical fetishes.

You will be taken on a journey unrivalled anywhere else in the UK, rich with sensations and full cerebral overload. A warm welcome awaits you. Many of the submissive males and females, TS and polite fetishists trained by Mistress Annabel , have been playing and learning all about themselves for a number of years at Her expert hands. Are you ready for the very best, from a World Class Mistress? pfk_0218_wmn.


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