Covert Manoeuvers

A brand new, really exciting, spine tingling chance to be one of six special submissives or fetishists that are hand-picked by Mistress Annabel to descend the stairs one pre-ordained morning of Mistress’s choosing. A whole range of new elicit kinky toys and devices have been purchased by Mistress to make your most private thoughts and desires become literal in public places. Imagine being padlocked into a device in the morning, attending meetings, lectures,or even playing sport, knowing that Mistress has full control of your body and mind, whether in physical or mental chastity, whilst you are away from her exacting gaze. Moreover, think of the excitement and arch exhilaration of knowing there are five others in exactly the same predicament, being used for Mistress’s wicked and divine pleasure, as one of her personal toys for the day! Shifting about uncomfortably in meetings, with pad lockable items in all your secret places adds a new dimension to the concept of being able to smile to yourself. Make no mistake, this is not just chastity play or tease-and-denial, there is a whole range of unique toys that Mistress has purchased. You will then be commanded to attend, later in the day, at a time of Mistress’s choosing, to be interrogated on the day’s covert manoeuvres. No other Mistress, worldwide, has offered this service before. Please mail Mistress for the exact date this will take place. A deposit will be required.