Mistress Annabel’s view of life as a Female Dominant is to be the very best at everything She sets Her mind to! Strong and in total control of the bottom/sub’s body and mind. Yet taking time to select, Mistress Annabel is highly selective in whom She decides to favour. She relishes the process of getting to know the few interesting and invigorating people that are invited to play with Mistress Annabel professionally. Over time, seeing their guard drop to slowly reveal their complex inner self. Contrary to many people’s perceptions Mistress Annabel has a wide range of interests that are not scene related. Thus, Mistress Annabel is genuinely interested in the life choices of others and getting to know the individual, taking you on an erotic yet fetishistic journey like no other! Mistress Annabel expects respectful and intelligent encounters only. Let Mistress Annabel take over your body and mind for the time spent luxuriating together under Mistress Annabel’s exacting control.

Please be polite and respectful at all times. Mistress Annabel only chooses to foster quality worthwhile relationships with a select number of devotees. Mistress Annabel prefers experienced players or sincere applicants who wish to learn more about themselves and their submissive or fetishistic tendencies. You need to be man enough to want to explore your most private desires and fears within yourself or to seek a meeting to alleviate the stress and pressure from the outside world.

Do not contact Mistress Annabel unless you can afford to pay a tribute at the higher end of the scale. Play that involves one-use sterile disposable items, ie medical items, or the use of medical breath play gasses and aromas, will incur a small additional charge. Please make sure you are comfortable with this tribute scale before making contact.

The best equipped and finest experience in Central London, UK, or your money back! With supreme attention to detail and a genuine engagement in the parts of the fetish scene Mistress Annabel offers at Her private London Rubber Studio.


Consensual slavery contracts and remote chastity training are available to those within Mistress Annabel’s inner circle (ie submissives that have been known to Her and served Her during prolonged periods in excess of a year).

Mistress Annabel looks forward to welcoming select submissives and fetishists as long term patrons and devoted attendees into my erotic world of BDSM.

Mistress Annabel’s central London studio is superbly equipped and spotlessly clean, with two spa-style bathrooms for you to shower and freshen up afterwards in order to enter the real world. The location is highly discreet, less than five minutes walk from two tube stations and only twenty minutes by Tube directly from Heathrow airport. Specific location instructions will be given at the time of booking. Everyone, who is a new visitor in Mistress Annabel’s world will need to be spoken to on the telephone before any appointment is accepted, to assess compatibility and experience levels.


Fees: first hour £300, subsequent £270/hour.

MONDAY – FRIDAY 10am – 10pm | SATURDAY & SUNDAY By request.


WHATSAPP: UK 07 494 333 808   [INT +44 7 494 333 808 ]

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