Mistress Annabel has London’s finest fetish studio, and has a penchant for bizarre kinky devices and mechanical control systems. There is a wealth of equipment awaiting those lucky enough to be granted an audience at this private London studio. Be aware that many of these items have been made as a result of Mistress Annabel’s vast technical knowledge and skill set and will not be found in any other UK studio.

Serious Kit milking machine, Serious Kit pulsating rubber vacuum suit (with some unique complexities), Venus 2000 milking machine, Novopro 100, 6 different electrical boxes, 60 different electrical attachments, remote control sex-toys, and many, many, unique mechanical items that Mistress Annabel can employ at the snap of her fingers to make you as helpless as the day you were born.

Imagine a kinky world, where the machines take over and you become a willing victim, a toy. The Serious Kit milking machine is the Ferrari of erotic milking machines available with many exciting and unusual custom attachments at Mistress Annabel’s London studio to erotically milk you until your balls run dry!

The ultimate tease-and-denial machine, this milker with its continuous lube feed can be suspended and used on you by Mistress for many hours. Sessions of up to six hours continuously hooked up to the machine are possible, with a whole range of different sensations creating a myriad of possibilities for both electrification (erotic e-stim) and warming and cooling lubricants to take you on the milking ride of a lifetime!


For a more urgent milking experience, the Venus 2000 milking machine in London offers to take you to multi-orgasmic nirvana. Mistress Annabel has over a dozen different receivers in all sizes and lengths, both electrified and normal, to test even the most ardent of devotees.

Many of the items are rare and many of the innovations are unique and therefore a visit to Mistress Annabel’s Kensington Studio is required to truly appreciate Mistress’s kinky, decadent, and wild imagination. All the best kinks are in your fantasies, the best kinky encounters are real.

The Serious Kit Rubber Vacuum Suit, shown above, has been customised to Mistress Annabel’s own kinky requirements. There are endless possibilities for both electro and suction devices to be attached to the nipples, genitals, and backdoor areas.

Mistress Annabel brings to life and has the quality and depth of experience to engage you both mentally and physically in ways you never thought possible. For days afterwards, you will be wondering why you hadn’t paid a visit so much sooner.

Come feel the Quiet Storm!

Telephone: 07961 555 085 | +44 7961 555 085